POLL: Which decision-makers do you find most helpful when prospecting?

March 29, 2016   Weigh in on our latest poll question, and check back for results!


Which client-side decision-makers are initially most receptive to your ideas?

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Poll Results are In: Your Most Valuable Prospecting Triggers

How you voted, plus new business leads that should be on your radar now

July 15, 2015   We asked: Which scenario is most valuable for your prospecting? Here’s how you responded:


All of these changes can signal future shifts in media spending, strategy, and overall marketing outlays, but it seems like fresh faces offer many of you the best opportunity to gain traction with accounts that may have kept you at arm’s length in the past. And what better way to make an impression than to express congratulations on the new CMO gig, or the major account win.

No matter which of the above offers the most lucrative lead in for your business, our team is on the front lines uncovering the details so that you can open doors and form successful relationships.

In furtherance of our commitment to keep you connected to these opportunities, we’re pleased to be providing you with select content  Read More…

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Q: Have You Responded to Mobile Ads? POLL RESULTS & ANALYSIS ARE IN

Mobile_Ad_ResponseJune 6, 2015   Our most recent poll question asked, “Have you responded to advertising on your mobile device?” to which 61% of you said YES.

We asked the same question in 2009, when 17% of you responded YES; in 2011, when 24% of you responded YES; and in 2013, when 32% of you responded YES.

Clearly, your engagement with mobile ads is on the rise. But what’s conditioning this behavior?

Smartphone Adoption

We tend to interact with everything, perhaps ads included, when our fingers are doing the talking, and when our devices allow for smarter ad targeting and consumption of engaging content (more on that below).

Let’s compare your responses to the percentage of smartphone-owning adults in the U.S. in corresponding years.

% of You Responding to Mobile Ads *Smartphone Ownership Among U.S. Adults
2009 – 17% 17% Smartphone Owners
2011 – 24% 35% Smartphone Owners
2013 – 42% 56% Smartphone Owners
2015 – 61% 64% Smartphone Owners
* 2009 Per Forrester. 2011, 2013, 2015 Per Pew Research Center.


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Q: Are You Interested in Brands’ Programmatic Partners? Results Are In!

February 9, 2015   Our January poll question asked, “Are you interested in reaching brands’ ad tech & programmatic partners?”—to which more than 70% of you answered Yes. That’s a huge jump from the 45% who responded affirmatively to a similar question in 2013. Since that time, programmatic digital display spend has surged 245%, according to eMarketer, while our own latest results show that sellers have expanded their focus, looking for new ways to capture ad dollars spent programmatically.

To simplify prospecting in this changing landscape, we’ve added ad tech and programmatic partners to thousands of brands profiled in AdDataExpress®. Now, AdData users can find ad networks, agency trading desks, Read More…

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Q: Are You Interested in Reaching Brands’ Ad Tech & Programmatic Partners?

January 1, 2015   Weigh in:


Are you interested in reaching brands’ ad tech and programmatic partners?

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Check back for results, and see where your media and marketing peers stand on topics from international business leads and outreach strategy to social media for prospecting.

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Q: Do You Use Social Media to Engage Prospects?

Social-Media-SmNovember 17, 2014   Our latest poll question asked, “Do you use social media to engage prospects?” to which a whopping 84% of you replied YES. While it may not be surprising that the digital platforms connecting us to colleagues, clients, and prospects are as indispensable as they are ubiquitous today, the rate of adoption has skyrocketed since our 2010 poll, when only 64% of you replied affirmatively to a similar query. This upward trend appears to bear out a January 2014 Harvard Business Review article predicting that Read More…

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Q: Are you interested in European prospects?

European Market FocusAugust 15, 2014   This July we asked, “Are you interested in EU-based marketing decision-makers for brands spending in Europe?” 45% of you answered YES.

The U.S. is home to 41 of the top 100 global marketers, while 36 are based in Europe. Yet the U.S. and Canada capture 35.7% of the world’s total media spend ($184.7 billion), while Europe claims just 25%, according to a recent eMarketer study (Asia-Pacific’s at 27.7%).  So, in effect, the 45% of you interested in EU marketing decision-makers seem more focused on the location of advertisers than on the location of their ad spends.  That said, 96 of these top 100 marketers advertise in the U.S. – so are safely included in Advertising Database. Read More…

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Q: With digital dollars shifting to programmatic, will publishers reserve premium inventory for non-programmatic buyers?

MediaJuly 1, 2014   Our June poll asked, “As more major marketers allocate large portions of their digital media budgets to programmatic buying, will publishers sell greater proportions of premium inventory to non-programmatic buyers? 52% answered “NO,” indicating that a slight majority think programmatic transactions for premium inventory will increase. Read More…

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