Q: What’s Most Effective For Reaching New Prospects?

  Marilyn Mead   Jan 09, 2015   Poll Q&A   2 Comments

January 9, 2015   Last Fall, we found 84% of you use social media to engage sales prospects, so we’re surprised that just 2% of you find social media to be an effective place to start your outreach, according to the results of our latest poll:

When reaching out to a prospect to the first time, which do you find most effective:

Phone call          50%
Email                      48%
Social Media         2%

Despite the proliferation of new communications options, it seems most of you still find the traditional phone call, closely followed by email, to be the most effective means of initial outreach. Indeed, if you can catch a prospect on the phone, voice communication offers the chance to read tone, disposition, and other cues absent from written messages. Direct dials are often the most difficult contact data to obtain, so your results affirm our commitment to providing those tough-to-get details that allow you to present relevant solutions directly to the right decision-makers.

A targeted, well-articulated email message with a compelling subject line can also catch a prospect’s attention, which is why you’ll find verified email addresses for the marketing, advertising, and sponsorship contacts in AdDataExpress®. In fact, you’ll find phone numbers, emails, and LinkedIn profiles, so no matter which manner you believe will resonate, we’ve got you covered!

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  1. Leondry L Jones Says: January 29, 2015 2:26 pm Reply

    I have used and will continue to use this site. I was impressed with how easy it was to research different companies for my project, also I was not expecting to view the things like demographic for different companies, competitors and more. I enjoy it and recommend this site to anyone looking to network with other firms.

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