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Whether you manage, or tie into, sports and entertainment, charitable causes, experiential programs, in-store environments, or any other venues providing sponsorship and promotion opportunities, AdDataExpress® can help you reach ideal partners and raise awareness.

Professionals engaging brand partners on behalf of sports organizations, entertainment venues and more use AdData® to qualify leads from many unique angles, allowing them to find partners based on specific interests, such as demographic and geographic targets or promotional activity.


Why AdDataExpress®?

  • Find all major national marketers – brand-by-brand (budget by budget) – with an interest in sponsorships, events, promotions, and experiential marketing
  • Identify the agencies and marketing firms that specialize in sports and sponsorship planning, negotiation, and activation for the national brands profiled in AdDataExpress®
  • Identify the names, titles, and roles of key decision-makers on the client team, with locations, phones and emails

Access titles including:

VPs and Directors of Sponsorships, Sports Marketing Executives, Event Marketing Managers, Experiential and Lifestyle Marketing Contacts, Brand Managers, Sponsorship Coordinators, Entertainment Marketing Managers and more...

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