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Agency Investment Dollars Go to List Building Solutions

Agency Dollars Go to List Building

Now in its fourth year, the Mirren/RSW New Business Tools Report has released its 2016 findings and for our group of brands – it’s a BIG win!

A must-read resource for anyone involved in agency new business, this annual study surveys agency executives on the effectiveness of a wide variety of tools used to support and grow their businesses. Not only highlighting the platforms most widely used, the report also measures their effectiveness in driving results for agencies.

So what is the data telling us this year? Well, compared to 2014 9% more agencies are investing in list building tools to grow their businesses. This tells us that more and more agency executives are recognizing how important a targeted, well-built list is to their new business program. And, the realization that ongoing list-building is a full-time job, and not one they’d prefer to bring in-house.

Our newest platform, Read More…

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The Race for Ad Dollars: Political Ad Agencies & Campaigns Worth Prospecting

Political Ad Contacts

In addition to pursuing sales opportunities with brand marketers and their agencies, advertising professionals have an interesting set of prospects that crop up around election season. Political candidates, their marketing contacts and top political advertising agencies tasked with executing media buys.

The Struggle

If you’ve been hoping to meet your quota by cashing in on political ad spending, you know better than anyone that these opportunities come with a unique set of challenges. Candidates running for office spend like crazy for a short period of time, and then the contacts and names on the ballots change. On top of that, the political ad agencies and decision-makers in charge of their marketing budgets (let alone direct contact details) are not necessarily the usual suspects that are readily available in your CRM – or even in any sales intelligence tool or lead list you have access to – until now.

The Solution Read More…

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How to Set Sales Goals & Motivate Your Team to Win More

22/23/2016   Sales is a difficult job, and one that not everyone is cut out for. So, when you have a great sales team in place it’s essential to consistently set goals, in addition to providing the motivation they need to achieve them.

Before you can motivate your team to win more business, you have to set attainable goals as a benchmark for success. Nothing will set your team up for success or failure more than how realistic and attainable their goals are on a monthly and quarterly basis.

Some basic but essential goal setting tips for sales managers: Read More…

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Exclusive Intel: Top 10 Hottest Brands

Top10-NovemberDecember 6, 2015   Which brands are top of mind for media and marketing sales pros in the last stretch of Q4? Check out the advertiser profiles that AdData users viewed most in the past 30 days, including a number of newcomers making their Top 10 debut.

See the list, and select associated contacts, below.


AdData’s Top 10 Most-Viewed Brands

1. GoPro


2. Tito’s Handmade Vodka Read More…

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The Seller’s Guide to Advertising Week

Advertising Week Sellers Guide

‘Which Advertising Week events to attend?’

If you’re headed to Advertising Week New York 2015, chances are you’re asking yourself this question right about now. With so many advertising and marketing sales prospects in attendance, Advertising Week can be a seller’s prospecting dream, but if the four-day, multi-venue schedule looks more like a nightmare to you, don’t worry.

Team Advertising Database has honed in on key Advertising Week sessions for sales people hoping to generate sales leads and partnership opportunities. Whether you’re angling for media sales, ad tech opportunities, or corporate sponsorship development, you can use this Advertising Week prospecting playbook to maximize face time and minimize fuss. With few exceptions, these are open to Delegates, Super Delegates and all you fancy Platinum badge holders, so just print and go for a giant head start on prospecting at AWX!

P.S. If you’re interested in contacting these executives, be sure to log into AdDataExpress. Not a subscriber? Find contact information for 30+ advertisers taking the stage at ad week here: Little Black Book of Ad Week Prospects.

Monday September 28 | Day 1

12 PM Session: How Legacy Brands Become Pioneers in the Digital Economy 

Mon 9/28 | 12:00 PM | Times Center Stage (242 West 41st Street, New York, NY, 10036) | Event Page

Start out Advertising Week with this session to see how established businesses are adapting to succeed in a fast-moving digital economy, featuring:

Nigel Morris CEO, Americas & EMEA, Dentsu Aegis Network Read More…

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Exclusive: Top 10 Hottest Brands

TopTenImageJuly 31, 2015   Which brands are top of mind for media, marketing, and sponsorship sales pros? Check out the advertiser profiles that AdDataExpress users accessed most in the month of July, and preview select contacts, below.

You might just see a lead that flew under your radar, until now!

AdData’s TOP TEN MOST-VIEWED Brands | July 2015

1. National Peanut Board

NationalPeanutBoardBrandContactsAdditional profile intel:

  • National Peanut Board Target Demographic: 18-54 year old | Female
  • 2016 Planning Period: May 1 2015 – October 31 2015 Read More…
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Poll Results are In: Your Most Valuable Prospecting Triggers

How you voted, plus new business leads that should be on your radar now

July 15, 2015   We asked: Which scenario is most valuable for your prospecting? Here’s how you responded:


All of these changes can signal future shifts in media spending, strategy, and overall marketing outlays, but it seems like fresh faces offer many of you the best opportunity to gain traction with accounts that may have kept you at arm’s length in the past. And what better way to make an impression than to express congratulations on the new CMO gig, or the major account win.

No matter which of the above offers the most lucrative lead in for your business, our team is on the front lines uncovering the details so that you can open doors and form successful relationships.

In furtherance of our commitment to keep you connected to these opportunities, we’re pleased to be providing you with select content  Read More…

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A Buffet of Media Opps, with CMO Shifts at Top Food, Beverage, Dining Brands

DailyVistaJune 23, 2015    Check out this trio of senior-level marketing hires, with opportunity analysis courtesy of prospecting publication DailyVista.

Vita Coco Hires Heineken Vet as CMO

Vita Coco, the top-selling coconut water brand in the U.S., with $267.5 million in sales last year and 60% share in the coconut water category, has hired a new US marketing VP. Charles Van Es will report to CEO Michael Kirban and will oversee all North American marketing.

Opportunity: Vita Coco has traditionally relied on sampling, digital and outdoor ads, but with the launch of its new Read More…

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A+ Tips for Targeting Back-to-School Marketing Budgets

BackToSchoolApril 15, 2015   While fall semester may be the last thing on the minds of parents, kids, and coeds, you can bet marketing executives are gearing up back-to-school initiatives to entice consumers when the rush begins.

To help you plan your outreach accordingly, we’ve outlined a few simple new business-building techniques for honing in on back-to-school advertisers in AdData’s brand and agency prospect directory.

1. Browse Key Business Categories

Big box stores and office supply brands are more likely to market back-to-school offerings than cable companies. As a result, zeroing in on high-value categories will bring more relevant sales and partnership opportunities into view.

Start your search on the Brand Info tab, and make one or more selections under Business Categories (or the more granular Subclasses drop-down menu) Read More…

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