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AdDataExpress® allows users to target key personnel and company prospects. Conduct searches; create customized lists; and accelerate business with top-spending U.S. brands and their agencies – all from your desktop or mobile device.


AdDataExpress® is published by New York-based Advertising Database. Since its founding in 1998, Advertising Database has been deeply committed to customer satisfaction. That’s why our product remains the top media and marketing sales prospecting database in the industry.

With well over a thousand companies subscribing to AdDataExpress® on an annual basis, Advertising Database has earned the respect and trust of the media and marketing community. We’ve fostered collaborative partnerships and relationships with organizations including the ANA, 4As, ARF, and the IAB.

In April of 2015, Advertising Database was acquired by List Partners Inc., a move that joined together the industry's top providers of brand and agency intelligence, combining 40 years of expertise to serve customers with even more powerful prospecting solutions.

Staff Teams

For over 15 years, AdData’s Editorial Staff has been building relationships with thousands of key decision-makers. All brand and agency profile content originates on-site from these knowledgeable, experienced reporters and editors, who leverage an impressive network of sources to update AdDataExpress® on a daily basis.

Our Customer Care Team ensures that AdData users quickly and easily find what they need. Whether that’s help with a search, a virtual tutorial, or an on-site training – they’ve got our clients covered.

AdData’s Sales Staff is composed of consultants who understand the business landscape and challenges of our clients. That’s because they have personal experience in media/marketing sales and management. Most, in fact, were users of AdDataExpress® at media, event marketing, ad agency, technology, or research firms prior to joining Advertising Database.

Members of our IT Team are the experts who ensure that AdData’s users can seamlessly connect to our platform 24x7x365. They also keep us ahead of the curve with an eye on emerging technology and new ways to enhance user experience.

Methodology: How do we do it?

Advertising Database’s Editorial Staff evaluates millions of measured media spending occurrences provided by AdData Research, Kantar Media, and other industry sources. We shape these expenditures into AdDataExpress’s 10,000+ brands, and uncover the dedicated teams who control these budgets, including CMOs, brand managers, marketing directors, media planners, account teams, and more.
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  • Media Sales
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  • Promotions and Events
  • Marketing Optimization
  • Agency New Business
  • And many more…

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