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Advertising Database® was founded in 1998 in New York by advertising professionals who'd spent 20+ years buying and selling media, marketing, promotional, and creative services. Its core mission remains simple: 1) track changes at America's top-spending brands and agencies better than any other organization; 2) convey unique information in the most powerful, intuitive format; and 3) be affordably scalable. And AdDataExpress® delivers. Its truly unique searchable content includes detailed brand and agency data rendered in the most highly-defined competitive sets; brands' geographic, demographic, product usage, sponsorship, and plan timing criteria unavailable anywhere else; plus the most granular current measured and unmeasured spending available, presented in unmatched depth and accuracy.

AdData thoroughly researches virtually all products and services spending $200K or more annually, and we upload them to the AdDataExpress website every two weeks. 1,000+ are updated every month. And as thousands of media, advertising, marketing, and promotion executives now use AdData daily, we've continuously expanded the range of brands, agencies, and target data provided. So you'll find lots of unique brand and agency information here, virtually all of which is based on first-person interviews with thousands of brand managers. Just take a look!

Once you've reviewed AdData’s site information, please click the “Request Free Trial” button, or call us at 212-956-0505. We'll email you to set up demo and trial time, and to answer questions, such as, “Can I see when brands plan, and where they’re spending?”; “Can I tell how current the data is?”; and, “How much does it cost?” (Features and Pricing).

Thanks for visiting! We look forward to learning more about your business mission, and to helping you simplify prospecting!

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Oakley Oakley Print, Video, Web, Social, OOH, Direct Mktg, Experiential, Events Effort Aims to Expand High-Tech Sports Lifestyle Image03-12-2014
Smith & Forge CiderMillerCoors’s Smith & Forge Hard Cider Bows in Male-Targeted TV, Web, Social, PR, & Events 03-25-2014
J Brand Jeans J Brand Names Koplin President Amid Expansion Plans03-26-2014
Apple CorporateApple Hires Kupbens as VP of Online Store E-Commerce Hub03-28-2014

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AdData® News Highlights
April 2014

April has precipitated a shower of senior-level marketing hires, with notable additions at AOL, where Johnson & Johnson veteran Kim Kadlec has been named Head of Relationships Management; Blackrock, which appointed Scott Roen Managing Director and Head of Digital Marketing; and Esurance, where Wells Fargo’s Alan Gellman has taken the reins as CMO.

Other appointments were made at leading department store chains: Macy’s Chief Merchandising Officer, Jeffrey Gennette, has ascended to President; Neiman Marcus has named John Koryl President, Neiman Marcus Stores & Online, and Jim Gold President and Chief Merchandising Officer, as it merges its Stores and Online teams into a single division.

With fresh perspectives taking root in many major advertisers’ C-suites, April showers will produce fertile fields of opportunity for many of you!

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Poll Results

Poll Results

04-03-2014  March’s poll question asked, “Do you submit media and sponsorship proposals to prospects in advance of their RFPs?”  75% of respondents answered “YES.”

The tighter the tactical campaign (e.g. target market, flight time, and media selection process), the louder the call for RFPs.  But, according to you, the RFP process usually plays a support role when it comes to sustained branding.  Which makes sense, as increasing numbers of media, entertainment, sports, cause marketers, and specialty agencies present proprietary programs to brands and companies. These “big ideas” usually package traditional reach and frequency with promotional value-added.  And as multiplatform exposure becomes the norm, many marketers gain access to new or broader consumer segments.  One broadcast business development executive succinctly told AdData, “If we wait for an RFP, we’ve already lost the business.”

The 25% of you championing RFP protocol should also be recognized.  Your ordered approach rebalances reports from vendors who’ve sent costly RFP responses rejected without guidance.

Whichever camp you’re in, which is probably both, AdDataExpress® can help.  Our reporters call brand managers every day to discuss their planning dates, their RFPs, and their willingness to consider (unsolicited) proposals.  In the Planning Criteria fields, thousands of managers reveal their preferred date range for proposal consideration, plus geographic and demographic target information.

These poll results indicate you believe the personal touch trumps the technical.  And your best bet is to meet with marketers when they want to meet.  So please ask your friendly AdData Customer Care Person to show you how AdDataExpress’s Planning, Merchandising, and Media Focus Keyword fields can be your “social lubricant” for brand development.  

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